Sakura 4×4 Filter Service Kit-DT-FLT44



  • Kit for use with the Nissan Patrol GU Ute or Wagon
  • Includes three Sakura filters – an air filter, a fuel filter, and an oil filter
  • Helps to boost efficiency and minimise engine troubles
  • Fuel filter fits both diesel and petrol engines
  • Carefully crafted to handle Australia’s harsh off-road conditions

Drivetech Filter Service Kit DT-FLT44

Designed for the Nissan Patrol Ute and Wagon, this kit includes a trio of Sakura Filters to ensure your vehicle is running as smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently as possible. The demands of off-roading can put a strain on your engine, but high-quality filters can help keep it free of contaminants and increase its efficiency, helping you avoid breakdowns and other mishaps.

This kit includes:

– Sakura Air Filter for effective and efficient filtration of the air going into your engine both on and off the road.
– Sakura Fuel Filter to fit both diesel and petrol engines for a clean flow of fuel
– Sakura Oil Filter to provide a steady feed of oil that’s kept clean under high stress, high torque, and high temperature conditions

The Drivetech 4×4 Filter Service Kit includes all the filters you’ll need to properly service your 4×4 in one handy package. Each Drivetech 4×4 filter service kit features products that have been machined and engineered to meet exacting manufacturer specifications. Each filter in this kit is made by Sakura and designed to handle the harsh conditions Australian drivers encounter both on and off the road.


Sakura Air Filter
Sakura Fuel Filter
Sakura Oil Filter


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