Raptor 120W LED Driving Light 9 inch



Our Raptor Driving Lights have been updated and now include Ultra Vision branded covers to make them more identifiable as part of the quality, Aussie made Ultra Vision brand.
– High pressure die-cast aluminium housing
– High impact poly-carbonate lenses
– A superior optic design producing excellent distance and width
– Comes complete with an easy adjust mounting bracket
– Now with a wiring harness included!

Available in 4000K and 5700K light temperatures – these lights deliver fantastic performance in an affordable and value for money package.


What is the difference between 4000K & 5700K?

4000K lights produce a warmer white colour compared to the more stark 5700K. There are many different reasons why one colour might work better for you.

4000K lights provide a light that will give you less glare from road signs, and can actually be better for driving in fog and heavy rain, as the warmer colour doesn’t reflect back into your eyes. They also work very well in snowy areas as they don’t combine with the white snow to distract you as you’re driving.

5700K lights produce a whiter light, which are perfect for wide open spaces, long roads and areas were light reflection isn’t going to be an issue, as the colour will fully illuminate the space around you.

For those who love getting off the beaten track and away from it all, the 5700K option could work best for guiding you on your way. If you drive your vehicle more in built up areas, or where bad weather is frequent, the 4000K might suit your style better.




Wattage 120W
Light Source 19 x 6W
Light Output – Raw 29,400 Lumens/lamp
Light Output – Effective 24,818 Lumens/lamp
Voltage 9-36V
Current Draw 8.8A @ 13.5V
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Waterproof rating IP68
Connector Type 2 Pin standard Deutsch
Housing Die-Cast aluminium
Lens Construction Polycarbonate
Bracket Stainless Steel
Beam Colour 4000K or 5700K
Lifespan 50’000 Hours
Diameter 220mm
Net Weight 2.7kg
Beams Available Combo
Warranty 3 Years
Wiring Harness included Yes


Colour Temperature

4000k, 5700k