Drivetech 4×4 Wheel Bearing Kit Rear-DT-AK6B



  • Help improve and safeguard your wheel stability
  • Great for handling and smooth cornering
  • Precision-engineered from durable materials
  • Boost overall ride quality

Drivetech 4×4 Wheel Bearing Kit Rear DT-AK6B

Designed to improve the performance of your vehicle’s wheels, this Drivetech Wheel Bearing Kit is intended to improve handling and cornering to provide a smoother, safer ride.

By reducing friction in your wheels, these bearings are ideal for taking corners at any driving speed, providing performance dividends even in higher-speed scenarios.

The quality of your wheel bearings is also importance when it comes to vehicular safety. While good bearings provide smooth handling and steady wheels, old or failing bearings can dramatically decrease the stability of your wheels. In worst-case scenarios, wheels can even seize or fall off completely. Monitoring your bearings and using precision-engineered products like this kit from Drivetech 4×4 can go a long way toward ensuring your safety and the quality of your vehicle’s handling.