Drivetech 4×4 Recovery Points fits Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 Series



  • Rated to 3250kgs per tow point for Prado
  • Supplied with fitting instructions and all required fitting hardware
  • Sold in pairs where applicable and mentioned otherwise
  • Painted yellow for visibility

Drivetech 4×4 Recovery Points fits Toyota Landcruiser Prado 150 Series

Have you ever been stuck in the mud and frustrated as you search for your factory tow hook that is black and hidden amongst your chassis? Drivetech 4×4 have a solution for you. The Drivetech 4×4 Recovery Points RP-PRA150 is manufactured for 150 Series Prado and 150 Series Prado and comes in bright yellow for fantastic visability. Install your new Recovery Points with the 3 x M12x1.75mm to the outside of the chassis rail – if the bolt holes to the chassis or bull bar are available. At minimum, this tow point requires two bolts each side.

Drivetech 4×4 now has a range of rated Recovery Points available for popular four wheel drive models. Specifically designed to allow maximum strength from the mounting points of the chassis, these Recovery Points will aid in the safe recovery of any stuck vehicle, with minimal stress on the vehicle’s chassis. The range of vehicle specific tow points means you will be able to perform a recovery quickly, safely and easily when required. Independently tested and rated, each recovery point should be fitted as a matched pair and used during any recovery situation in conjunction with a Drivetech 4×4 rated Bow Shackle (DT-BS47) or a Drivetech 4×4 Equaliser Strap Kit (DT-ESK).

Always use tow points as a matched pair teamed with an equalising bridle during any recovery situation.

Bolt Torque Specifications:
M10/8.8 41-60 Nm
M10/10.9 59-85 Nm
M10/12.9 65-94 Nm
M12/8.8 71-105 Nm
M12/10.9 102-150 Nm
M12/12.9 114-164 Nm
M14/8.8 112-168 Nm
M14/10.9 161-240 Nm
M14/12.9 182-265 Nm
M16/8.8 175-260 Nm
M16/10.9 250-371 Nm
M16/12.9 282-406 Nm

Hardware supplied with RP-PRA150
6 x M12 x 1.75 Bolts
6 x M12 x 1.75 Nuts on Wires
6 x Flat Washers
6 x Split Washers